That’s right, y’all. Chris Baty says I’m a WINNER.

And dammit, I believe him.

After an intensely stressful November (not so much because of NaNoWriMo but due mostly to my trying to get into a grad school, having massive drama at my day job, and dealing with a hectic Thanksgiving) it’s just nice to have something go absolutely and wonderfully right.

Of course, I don’t think of myself as truly done with my NaNo, which lacks a title. I’ve codenamed it ZOMBIE THING for now, and I guess it works well enough as an interim title. I’ve got plenty more scenes to write and lots of editing to do, but yeah, it’s pretty sweet to know that I accomplished something awesome this month. Crazy as it is, I think I might just adopt the NaNo setup for all of my rough draft novels from now on. I mean, yeah, it does suck at times, but now that I know I can do 50K in one month, it seems like such a cool way to get a rough draft done. This month has been nuts, full of ups and downs, and a really awesome ride–I can’t imagine a better way to finish a first draft, since you really are kind of “living” in the material for a few weeks.

As for my next project? I don’t know, really. I’m kind of interested in fiction for kids, though my idea of what is “appropriate” for children might be a little off-kilter. I’m sort of take the more Tim Burton/Neil Gaiman philosophy in what I think about kid fic, so we shall see.


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  1. Congratulations!! It’s a great feeling isn’t it??! I too have had a crazy November. If I can write 50,000 words this month, I can write them any month! I seriously think all the elements conspired against me.

    And I’m not finished with my novel either. Am hoping between now and midnight Sunday to get another 10K done, and then have the first draft finished by the end of December.

    Good luck with coming up with a name!

  2. Thanks. Names have always been super difficult for me, so I’m not really surprised that this one is giving me trouble.

    Looks like it’s been a really crazy month for everybody. Between the holidays and everything else, I think that November is at once a terrible month for this, and the best choice of month there is. Now that I finished 50k, I feel like I’ve got some street cred 🙂

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