Woe is I

After the amazing high of finishing and using my newly pimped out Neo, I must sadly report that I am without its services for at least a few more hours. It’s not any really awful reason–the electronic insides are still functioning just as well as they ever did.

I am in the process of redoing the keyboard, not totally, but mostly. I realized that the stickers (though nice looking) were just a temporary solution. The real way to ensure longevity and durability would have been to install decal stickers, which lay flush against the keys and don’t really have that raised up feeling that the stickers have. In terms of keyboard mods, they tend to be the preferred method, so I decided to go ahead and redo that part.

Let’s just say that getting the stickers off involved a lot of solvent, the abrasive end of a sponge, and life-saving plastic gloves. And patience… oh, so much patience.

Anyway, the keys look pretty good–I actually primed them this time, so the paint looks better than ever. And the decal stickers look great. I can’t wait to top it all with a glossy clear coat to keep everything from getting faded with use. I did have a few minor mishaps with a sticker or two that wasn’t adequately water-proofed, but I suppose it could have been much worse.

I’m glad that I’m taking the extra effort to ensure that the keys will look better and remain lemony fresh for longer, but it’s still been a really tough two days without the Neo. I can’t stand being chained to the desktop now, so I’ve been writing longhand, which is a pain since I write so much more slowly compared to my typing speed.

So yeah. Woe is I.


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