Yucky Pic of the Yummy Neo

We decided to just finish up tonight with the Neo. The longest part was putting all the keys back in place, but putting all the electrical stuff back together again was actually really easy. More observations later–I just wanted you guys to have the first look.

In real life, btw, the pink is a little more bubble gum and not so much that weird Pepto Bismol color.


4 Responses

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  2. Ooo… I like the keyboard recolouring. I hope the stickers hold up to lots of typing. That’s the one concern I have in painting the keys.

  3. That is so wicked cool! 🙂

  4. Thanks guys!

    Re: the stickers… that’s something I’m a little concerned about myself. I’m actually going to start over (sorta) with the keys and use water-soluble decal paper. It guess it actually bonds to the plastic, so there’s none of that unevenness that you get with transparent stickers. And the guy at the hobby store (who modded his PC keyboard for WOW) says the key to keeping the keys fresh is to just spray down a god-awful amount of primer when you’re making the thing.

    So, yeah, I’m thinking that v.1.2 will be coming soon.

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