And now the waiting game…

As of Friday, my Alphasmart Neo was here in my city, just waiting to be delivered into my hot little hands. The only problem is that UPS does not deliver on Starudays or Sudnays, leaving me without hope until Monday, when I’ll be at my day job.

Photoshopped simulation

Photoshopped simulation

The husband and I went and purchased some paint for the immediate pimping out of said Neo, though. I was originally going to go for a kind of blue and brown color scheme, but when we found a chocolate brown, a pink, and a nice cream, I decided to go for a Neapolitan look and do a brown bottom, a pink top, and a cream colored keyboard. I think the results will be very nice. I plan on printing out my own custom, transparent stickers for the keyboard so the keys can be a yummy cream and chocolate combo.

Not sure yet if I want to just plunge in and start taking the Neo apart, or wait until the husband gets home. He’s done this sort of thing before and he’s much more comfortable dismantling expensive electronics than I am. Still, it can’t be that hard, can it?


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