Thoughts on the MacBook Air

So, listen, I know I don’t need another laptop. I could just as easily steal my old iBook back from the husband and just use that. And it’s not as if I even need a laptop in the first place–why would I? I haven’t started graduate school yet and I don’t really have the time to write at work, so really, it’s a no-brainer. As much as I would like to spend the astronomical amount of money it would take to invest in this beautiful, sexy piece of hardware, it just isn’t the right time to do that right now.

Damn, you look sexy!

Damn, you look sexy!

However, that doesn’t stop me from using it as a form of bribery to get my NaNoWriMo novel finished. I’m reading the book, “No Plot, No Problem” and I am being advised that the best ways to get myself to write are to promise myself really decadent treats. I like this approach.

So, this is me promising myself to buy a brand-spankin’ new MacBook Air on December 1st, right after I type, THE END.  I’m not sure what I’m going to figure out how that will work in our budget, but I’m sure something can be done. And, by that time, I’ll know that I’ve gotten into my local Master of Library Science program, so I’ll have a great excuse for buying some awesome tech gear.

I mean, come on… It’s so light. I can’t go giving myself back strain, now can I? I walked around for most of my undergraduate career with an ache in my left shoulder. Never again, I say.


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