NaNoWriMo + Elisa = BFF?

aka Cupcake, Elisas Internal Editor

aka, "Cupcake" Elisa's Internal Editor

So I finally decided to take the plunge this year and participate in NaNoWriMo. Truthfully, I’m scared to death, but I think that this will be good for me. I have a big problem with the Inner Editor (her name is Cupcake and I sort of imagine her as looking like Angela from the Office) and I think that forcing myself to write at an insane, break-neck speed will really help.

Of course, I’ve been doing some exercising before the big day. I’m trying to type with my eyes closed–I’m so preoccupied sometimes with saving myself from typos that it makes it really difficult for me to just focus on moving the story along.

I’ve been writng longhand in my fancy Moleskines (one for the pocket for jotting suff down during work, another for my desk to write down my brilliant stories) but I think that I’ll be switching back to typing for NaNoWriMo. First of all, there’s the issue of word counts. It’s much easier to figure out how many words I’m writing and gt them verified if I’m just typing the damn things in anyway. Plus, I can’t really write longhand with my eyes closed. It’s a little dangerous, I think, considering I use a fountain pen. While I will miss the indulgent joy of writing longhand, perhaps I might still use it for journaling (at least during November).

A part of me really wants to start writing now, but I should wait until November, I think. I’m in the middle of getting my application to grad school together (Master of Library Science, here I come!) and I’d really rather not have to worry about writing a killer admissions essay while getting my 1600 words per day in. I feel like I’d probably end up focusing more on the word count and putting the essay off until the last minute, which is maybe not such a good idea.

So wish me luck! I’m not totally sure what I want to write about. There is that idea I’ve been batting around for a little while, but the NaNoWriMo guy said in his book that it might be best to start fresh with a new idea. And I know that it would be cheating to say, “No, no, I’m starting a new book, it’s just in the same Universe.” Shyeah right. It’s a good universe, but I could certainly pick the idea up later. I really want to play by the rules here. I want to surrender myself to this process. I think it’ll be good for me.

So I know I want to write urban fantasy. It’s just my bag, baby. At the moment, I’m compiling a list of movies, TV shows, and etc. for me to steal ideas from. Yes, that’s right, Steal. I’m not proud–I’m just a writer.


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