My progress so far…

Well, I know I keep saying that I’m not going to edit myself as I write, but I was starting to feel like things just weren’t right, like something intrinsically wasn’t working with my characters. I felt like I was controlling them, which is not what I want to feel like when I’m writing. I want to feel like my characters are these slightly willful living people who are letting me come along for the ride.

I felt too much like a puppet master. So I decided to switch things up a little and really expand the world that I was writing about. I’m doing an urban fantasy, so some additional worldbuilding was in order. After expanding things a little and making some changes here and there to my “rules” and such, the story line just kind of opened up to me.

Then I started making my plot cards, about thirty or so. This process is pretty loose. I don’t feel constrained by this rough outline. It’s more like a list of things that I want to happen. So, I’ve got that going for me, which is good. 🙂

As I’ve said before, I’m working on a story right now. I’m calling it a “story” because I’m not sure how it will fit into the plot. That’s ok, though. I’m trying to keep things loose and organic and kind of see how they shape up from there. I have an idea of the direction I’d like to go in, so I think I’m in good shape.


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